Amsterdam (Day 1)

Off, off and away to Amsterdam. After a busy first year at uni for the both of us, Alex and I could not have been looking forward to this holiday more


After dropping our bags off at the hotel we went wandering around the seven streets, taking pictures and taking it all in.


We jumped on a pedal boat which was incredible fun (and probably a highlight of the trip) even if I managed to steer us until we were wedged under a bridge. It really is a great way to get an overview of the city and see everything in another dimension instead of looking down from the bridges at the water.

We went to Burgermeester for dinner. Neither of us are massive burger fans but kind of settled on this one in desperation as we wanted to stay close to the ice bar as not to miss our booking. Despite this, we enjoyed the burgers – mine was a Korean spiced chicken one which is so far the best burger I have ever had.

Took a trip to the Amsterdam Ice Bar. Whilst the cocktails were good and it ย was a pretty unique place neither of us were overwhelmed but just put it down as a COOL experience (I hope you got the pun).



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