We headed from our hotel on a cloudy but dry morning to Vondelpark. Before we entered the park we had an amazing coffee and cake (as breakfast because when travelling who cares what you are allowed to have at what time of day) at Anne&Max. Now, if being totally honest I have to say it was not what I expected. Living near London I am used to seeing the city parks full of people, bikes. noise, picnic blankets, ice creams etc.. but there was none of that here. There were a few cyclists around the edges of the park but asides from a few dog walkers the place was completely deserted. I think it’s because we weren’t there in the peak season (more like July and August) and it wasn’t the most glorious weather because since the trip I have seen plenty of photos of a busy Vondelpark.


Is the photo the right way up?

Although the park was lovely, our favourite aspect were the residential streets running off the park. We ventured off the main paths and went into the courtyards of the most beautiful traditional houses surrounded by roses and ornate iron gates.

In June do not be expecting lots of colour because aside from the rose garden we photographed there really wasn’t must else to be seen but green.

Caught being a tourist

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