Evening on the canals

Night tour of Amsterdam.

This was the best part of the holiday and definitely down on the list of the best nights of my life. We boarded the boat as the sun was setting and there were not that many on the boat which was great. We had headsets with information on the city but most of the time Alex and I were out on the deck taking pictures and feeling the wind. We spoke to an American student roughly our age and we had a nice talk, comparing student life between the US and UK and talking about our summer travel plans.




I’m not usually one to write reviews of hotels, restaurants and trips online but I loved this tour so much I felt that I just had to encourage others toย go on the tour. I think the way that we did it by seeing the canal in the day by the cheaper pedalboat and by night by the boat was the best was to do it. Make sure you book late enough so that you will be able to see the city lit up.

It was also a good opportunity for us to see the Red Light District at night from a distance. If you are interested in going on the tour, I booked with Viatorย – it is a 90 minute guided tour with a drink and nuts for only ยฃ15, which is a very good price compared to what you would pay in some other metropolitan European cities.


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