Houses of Amsterdam

The Amsterdam houses are obviously iconic, being narrow and high and built with their doors and windows raised from the ground. There are about 5 different types of gables, and they as well are characteristic of the Amsterdam houses.

Whilst we may have looked like stalkers taking pictures of peoples’ houses, I wanted to take a closer look at the houses after Alex had made a comment about the colour scheme. All the houses were differing shades of brown, grey, white and black – a loose monochrome. Alex wasn’t so keen on this and prefers a more vibrant look (which there was plenty of at our next destination – Copenhagen). By the end of our stay in Amsterdam, I concluded that I in fact did like the colour scheme. I think that it is beautiful because it is subtle and it allows you to focus on what you want to focus on when walking along. Bright colours and garish designs force you to look at them, whereas the Amsterdam houses you can look at and appreciate but at the same time you are able to completely ignore them and look at the canals and the colour of the bikes and flowers on the bridges and the shop awnings and all the other colours that are present. I think the strict colour scheme also suits the layout of the city. It is very structured with the rings fanning out from the centre and symmetrical bridges and the discipline of the colours works with that order.

Sorry for the rambling … a short summary – Amsterdam is personally the most beautiful city I have visited (so far) and the houses are just one of many things that contribute.

Of the 7 houses below, tell me .. which one is your favourite?

1 – the house with the blue bike
2 – the house with the green bike
3 – the house with the red roses
4 – the house with two bikes
5 – the house with the owner that likes the colour red
6 – the house with the bench
7 – the house with many flower pots

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