Vaarwel Amsterdam

More exploring and wandering…



For the last lunch we decided to head back to our lunch spot on the first day for their speciality dish. It was brown bread with goats cheese and walnuts, glazed with honey. They also served it with the most delicious salad with a slightly spicy dressing. All their paninis and sandwiches are roughly โ‚ฌ5 and for the quality and quantity that’s a lot better than your average cafe in England.


On the last day we went to the Vincent Van Gogh Museum. I’m quite fussy about museums and the only one where I can really be entertained for hours is the Natural History Museum in London. That being said I thought this museum was really well organised with lots of text on the walls giving an insight into what was going on in Van Gogh’s life when he wrote each painting. There were also pieces donated from Vincent’s friends and colleagues which mixed things up a bit.

We got to the last day of Amsterdam and I couldn’t believe that we hadn’t tried some pancakes! Pancakes are one of my favourite foods and as a Dutch speciality, finding a pancake place was on the agenda for the day.

We found Toos en Roosย on Berenstraat and popped in for an afternoon pancake (or 4) to keep us going as we had a final wander and shop for gifts.

Then it was back to our hotel to check out and head to the airport for the second leg of our summer holiday … Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Student Hotel

We absolutely loved our stay at The Student Hotel and would really recommend it to other young travellers. Right outside the hotel is a metro and tram stop which meant that we never had to wait longer than 2 minutes to set off. To get to the main tourist/canal area, it would take us about 12-15 minutes but it was well worth being slightly out of the centre because it meant we could save a lot of money.

The rooms were pretty basic (like uni accommodation) but when you are out and about all day all you really need is a nice comfy bed and a bathroom. We spent a lot of our downtime before heading out in the evenings to dinner/night cruise/ice bar playing table tennis or pool and other students were watching the Euros in the lobby.


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