Amsterdam (Day 3)

So after our busy morning in Haarlem, we still had a glorious afternoon and evening in Amsterdam.


We booked into the Rijkmuseum which was pretty good and we tried to be tourists by getting pictures outside the Amsterdam sign. Amsterdam had not been busy throughout our stay but we saw more people here than anywhere else. We decided to get a quick snap because there were too many people and we didn’t want to risk being concussed by a selfie stick (or two, or a thousand). Alex got to pose next to the ‘A’ and so I didn’t miss out on the fun Alex covered half of the ‘M’ so it looked like an ‘N’!

Magna Plaza

We popped into the Magna Plaza, not for any particular reason, but just to get a feel for a Dutch shopping mall and compare it to others we have seen around the world. I wouldn’t waste much time going there as there really weren’t that many shops and given how beautiful Amsterdam is, you’re much better off wandering the streets – near Dam Square for the chain shops and along the canals for the design and individual shops.

Before dinner we decided to find somewhere to have a drink. We went to Bleuย to have a cheeky cocktail – the food looked good here as well, so it could be worth checking out.

Then for dinner we went to Vapiano. Now Alex and I aren’t really fans of going to chain restaurants when abroad (we prefer to try local restaurants) but we didn’t even realise it was a chain outside of the Netherlands until I looked it up after. It is safe to say I will be heading to the London one now I’m back in England. It is an Italian place where you go downstairs to watch the chefs make your food and customise the dishes. The prices are really good and its a totally different dining experience!




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