Evening in Nyhavn

We had the most beautiful evening in Nyhavn. In the day we had checked out the area and seen that there were many restaurants on the harbour so we decided once the day was up to go back to our accommodation, freshen up and head back out to Nyhavn. The sun was out, musicians were playing and the colourful buildings were reflecting off the water to make it a truly magical night.

I’m not going to lie it was quite difficult to find somewhere to eat. The main problem was that I don’t eat red meat and I don’t like fish so I am limited to vegetarian or poultry dishes. This is not usually a problem for me but considering we were on the harbour all the restaurants were trying to hero the local fish and most of the menus were ALL fish with no other options. We did manage to find Nyhavn CΒ which advertised vegetarian options so I had a veggie burger. I felt a little bad because Alex just loves fish as there were some really great looking fish restaurants along the street, but at least he got plenty of fish the rest of the trip (practically every meal)!! If you like fish it’s a great place to go, but if not just be prepared.

We had a nice romantic wander around Nyhavn before head back to the hostel by metro watching the sunset.








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