Copenhagen (Day 2)

The first thing we did is head to the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens. I’m not sure if it was the time of year, but to be honest they were quite underwhelming. There weren’t many exotic looking flowers despite the greenhouse and the whole place just didn’t seem very well managed or organised. So that took less time than we anticipated so we moved on to next on the list.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next we went to The Little Mermaid statue on the Langelinie promenade dedicated to Hans Christan Andersen who wrote the fairytale. This again was underwhelming as we could barely get a picture of the statue due to the mass tourists pouring off the tour buses. But when you have a great companion by your side it doesn’t really matter so we walked on and even started to use our lego selves in some silly pictures.

To be honest in some respects I am quite glad that the first two parts of the day were average because it meant we had more time to do things that otherwise we would not have done.



Rosenborg Castle was not on our original list of things we were going to see in Copenhagen but after a quick look on google maps to see what was nearby we thought we might as well visit the castle. Alex loves castles and I love gardens so this neat and tidy castle with immaculate grounds certainly cheered us up. We sat under a rose archway for a while and just took the place in. There were a few people who had just come, popped their bikes down and started a picnic on the lawns.



We then went to The Round Tower (Rundetaarn) which is a 17th Century observatory – the oldest in Europe. It was built in honour of Denmark’s astronomical findings at the time. Every city seems to have one focal building for great views, the Shard in London, The Eiffel Tower or Montparnasse Tower in Paris, Castel Saint Angelo in Rome, and this is Copenhagen’s. We loved walking round and around and around right to the top. The pictures don’t do the views justice because it was quite a cloudy day, but they were really good. Its loving to see the colour scheme of Copenhagen – the green spires and the orange rooftops.



We then finished our day with dinner at Zalt in our favourite part of the city with all the design shops and cobbled streets. We had a wonderful meal here to top of an exciting day full of unexpected things we last minute decided to do.


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