Farvel Copenhagen!

As we had an early afternoon flight home to England we didn’t have a lot of time today so we decided not to book anything or see anything that would take up too much time or would take a long time to get to and from.

The first thing we did is go to Nyboder which is a row of houses all in the same yellow/orange colour (known as Nyboder yellow). The houses were built in 1631 for the naval officers of the Royal Danish Navy. They are absolutely stunning and kind of chilling at the same time because there aren’t many people about and because they are built so differently from everything surrounding them they seem a little isolated. We heard about this place through watching the Eddie Redmayne film ‘The Danish Girl’ where he visits somebody in one of these house.



We then went back to Tortus and Alex bought a pot and I blew my final Danish Krone on some really nice earrings from Creol – a Danish jewellery shop. We then had a quick drink and bite to eat at Cafe Stellaย before we headed home.



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