2nd of July, 2016

Crickley Hill, Birdlip, Gloucetershire. Great views over the county, allowing you to see as far as Wales at some points. This weekend I visited Alex at his home and as it was lovely weather I had more of an outside tour, visiting this SSSI and some of the parks in Cheltenham as well as a lunch at a country pub/restaurant. There were lots of people sitting on the fields or under trees having picnics and some taking their dogs on walks – really idyllic really.


Coming from such a densely populated part of the country, I love coming to Gloucestershire and just enjoying the peace and quiet and uninterrupted countryside

The pub we went to was The Colesbourne Inn, Cheltenham. It’s a really nice pub with outdoor seating and nice interiors. The only thing was, we forgot that it was a Sunday, so there sandwich/salad/lunch menu that looked really nice online was not on offer because they were focussing on the roast dinners.

The Colesbourne Inn
Excuse the tan lines – I forgot the suncream when I went to watch Wimbledon

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