24th of June, 2016

Rihanna ANTI World Tour in Wembley, London. My sister and I headed up to London mid-afternoon for the much anticipated Rihanna concert that I had booked way back in February. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a massive Rihanna fan. If anyone asks me what kind of music I am into, the answer always includes Rihanna. Although we had been slightly disappointed earlier in the year when we learnt that the Weeknd were no longer performing as her warm-up, Big Sean wasn’t too bad in the end. I do think, however, that when we were promised Big Sean and the Weeknd, they should have found a replacement for The Weeknd (we of course were hoping Drake would make an appearance, like Jay Z did when we say Beyonce in the 2014 Mrs. Carter Show).

IMG_8272.JPGIMG_8256.JPGIMG_8285.JPGIt hadn’t been the best day when I found out the result of the UK’s EU Referendum, but what better than a concert to take our minds off things. We went to Dim T on Charlotte Street for an early dinner before heading to the venue. I love Dim T, and seeing as Vicky had never been it was a great opportunity to go – they even had a set menu of a drink, starter and main for £10 if you ordered before 6pm. I had never been to Wembley for a concert before so when it hadn’t been overly full I had assumed that was just normal for such a massive place. it was only when I saw some of my friends after the show and read the news the next day that I realised the concert had been unusually empty.

I had a great time, the seats we had were amazing, and I loved the mix of old hits and new hits in the set. However, I have to admit it wasn’t as good as I had hoped. it was over in 1 hour 10 minutes, when the Usher and Beyonce concerts I had been to had been 2 hours. Furthermore, the set was quite small so Rihanna didn’t move around that much or come out into the crowd.The vocals were as good as I had imagined. I still love her, but I would save your money for a Beyonce concert of have a look into the O2 (my favourite venue) if you have the choice.


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