18th of July, 2016

This day we went on a boat trip from Victoria (Mahe) to St Anne Marie National Marine Park and Il au Cerf. We went on a submarine underwater and looked at all the fish and then Vicky and I got off the boat to swim with the fish. I had never seen so many fish in one small patch of ocean before. You went to do a stoke and your arms would touch about 10 fish at once.

We then did a bit of fish feeding from the boat, even holding the food out to touch the fish. We got off the boat and went for a walk in the lush interior of the island, seeing many tortoises roaming around. The beach BBQ was also a highlight of the day. There were only 12 of us on the boat so it was a nice informative tour where we heard all about the fish species and the marine park.IMG_1973.JPGIMG_1976.JPGIMG_1977.JPGIMG_1979.JPGIMG_1994.jpgIMG_2008.JPGIMG_2623.JPGIMG_2634.JPGIMG_2653.JPGIMG_2705.JPG


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