12th of August, 2016 – Evening in Covent Garden

After a long week working in the office I finally got to meet my bestie in London for a cracking night out. I went to a meeting in the afternoon and in a nice turn of luck I got off work early – 4.45pm instead of 5.30pm… the odds were in my favour.

Mehak goes to UAL so she knows all the places to go in London, meaning I was in very good hands. Last summer I had wanted to go to Homeslice with my sister but it was a bank holiday London that we were in London and the queue was unreal.

You can’t book for the restaurant so you turn up, ask how long the wait will be and they take down your name and mobile number. They told us it would be about an hour so just enough time to find a bar and have a drink. We went to Tuttons in Covent Garden so it wouldn’t be too far to walk to the restaurant when they called. I had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc (Alianza Sauvignon Blanc, Central Valley, Chile) and Mehak had an amazing Pomegranate and Raspberry Cocktail. they have the options of eating or drinking so they are very welcoming if you are just there for a drink. IMG_8784

So after about an hour we got our call from Homeslice and we headed over there (speed walking with excitement). When we saw the table very close to other guests I was a little skeptical, but with the music and the atmosphere you could barely hear them or realise they were sitting so close. One issue was that they didn’t have menus, only their pizzas written on two chalk boards. Mehak and I don’t have the best eyesight so of course we got our phones out and looked the pizza ingredients and toppings up on their website.

We decided on a ‘HalfnHalf’ 20 inch pizza – half Mushroom (MUSHROOM, RICOTTA, PUMPKIN SEED & CHILLI) and half Caprese (MOZZARELLA, BASIL & TOMATO) and we added Olives to the Caprese half. They provided us with a big pizza wheel, a big bottle of water, chilli oil, black pepper, plates and napkins (plenty of the last were used). The pizza if £20 – £10 each for dinner in London is pretty unusual.

The restaurant reminded me a lot of The Old Firehouse in Exeter. If you like pizza and you are ever in Devon, I really recommend this place. I preferred the pizza at Homeslice because it was a nice thin base so it really championed the toppings and we weren’t completely stuffed despite almost managing the 20 inches!


We then finished the night off with a visit to San Carlo Cicchetti – a lovely Italian bar/restaurant/dessert bar. We shared a chocolate and hazelnut cake and then we went home.


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