5th of August, 2016 – Thai Terrace Guildford

Alex arrived at the station from Gloucestershire, I picked him up after work and we headed off to the Thai Terrace in Guildford. Out of all the restaurants I have tried in Guildford (and probably all of Surrey for that matter) this is my favourite. It is on top of a multistory car park off the main Guildford High Street. The restaurant is really spacious with outdoor terrace rooftop seating, the main restaurant and a big bar/lounge area where you can have drinks before and after dinner.


We had a glass of white wine each, shared the vegetarian spring rolls as a starter and each had a delicious main. The service is impeccable, the dishes are really well presented and it is reasonable priced for Thai. There is something about this restaurant that makes it perfect for a special occasion – its just formal enough without being uncomfortable. I suppose reuniting after 5 weeks apart was a special occasion so we chose well. It is really good to book the place because it gets quite busy and they have two sittings – 6.30pm and 9pm.  IMG_8678.jpg

We had a coffee outside on the terrace and watched one of the most amazing sunsets.



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