27th of March, 2015

So for my 18th birthday, instead of a big party or something, I asked for a bit of money that I could put towards the EuroStar and Hotel for a trip to Paris with two of my closest friends.
So after school on a Friday we headed to London St Pancras International and boarded our train to Paris. Already there was a little drama at the station … Martha left her phone in the security box and it was going round and round on the conveyer belt so we had to talk to security and track it down.


We got out of the airport and got into a slightly dodgy taxi. Since this was the first time any of us have been out of the country without adults (school trip or family holiday), it wasn’t the best start. The events in Taken movie kept coming into our minds…

We checked in at Hotel Ariane Montparnasse, dumped our bags (we all too small carry on suitcases) and headed out for dinner. We went to a restaurant just around the corner from us recommended to us by the hotel staff. It was just what we wanted, quick, charming and right round the corner so we did not have to be traipsing round an unknown city when we were tired and hungry from the journey. We went to Chez Felicie (174 Avenue Du Maine, 75014 Paris), a Partisan Bistro, with very french decor and charm. I had grilled chicken on a bed of pasta, and of course we had some french bread to start.


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