29th of March, 2015 – Disneyland Paris

We took the train to Disneyland which was simple enough once we had looked the route up online. We got there and it was pretty much lightly raining all day but we didn’t let that spoil our moods. We all had coats and layers so it was all good.

We went on pretty much all the rides and watched the parade. We bought a couple of things to remember the holiday by – I got a Disneyland Paris mug for my sister.

I booked our Disneyland tickets online in advance so there was no queuing or confusion about tickets when we arrived – we could just go straight in and have fun!

On the teacups
Alice in Wonderland Maze




IMG_0729 2

We then headed back to central Paris, dumped our stuff and went out for our last night in the city. We went back to Montparnasse as there were plenty of restaurants and cuisines to choose from and we didn’t want to travel too far as we were pretty knacker from Disneyland.

We went to Hippopotamus, which was a French/American diner so it was really relaxed and easy – just what we were looking for.

IMG_0735 2

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IMG_0759 2
Outside our Montparnasse Tower at night this time

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