30th of March, 2015 – Last day in Paris

As this was the last day we just booked in one main thing for the day as not to put too much time pressure on things. It was a wonderfully clear day, perfect for going up the Eiffel Tower. We booked online before we went and I am so glad that we did because there were two separate queues – one for those with pre-purchased e-tickets and one for those without tickets. The other queue was about three times the length of our queue and to be honest I am not patient enough to wait in that.

In hindsight I would not book to go up the tower on the last day unless you have LOADS of time to spare. We went in the morning and our train wasn’t until the afternoon but even then it was a squeeze because with the queuing it took a lot longer than anticipated and you do not want to rush it once you do eventually get up.

As you can see from the pictures there are a lot of railings up which make the views a little less picturesque, but its so iconic we couldn’t really go to Paris without going up it!

We took the lift up (which you have to queue for at two different points) and walked down. Walking was really fun actually because you got to see different views on the way down.

Last Parisienne breakfast – putting the apples in our bags to make the most of the buffet spread!


IMG_0773 2

Metro life

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On top of Paris

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Saying goodbye to our fabulous hotel
Back at the train station ready to depart for London

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