Arusha, July 2015

Aside from my 3 week expedition to Vietnam in 2014 this is the most I had been excited for a holiday. It culminated everything I look for in a holiday – adventure, nature, and some change to relax. We went for 6 days on safari to a range of camps with different wildlife and then we went onto Zanzibar to chill out, definitely needed with A Level results looming at the end of the holiday.

We flew from London Heathrow to Nairobi and then from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro. You cannot fly direct from London to Tanzania which is why we went via Kenya.

The first part of the holiday began in Arusha, close to the Lake Manyara National Park. We stayed for a couple of nights at Machweo retreat, which only had one or two other families there at the time.

Chilling at Heathrow
Africa 2015 008
Having breakfast at the resort


Making mosquito nets look luxurious


Africa 2015 012

Beautiful views over Arusha

Africa 2015 130

We then met our guide John from Asillia our tour operator out there. He was great and went above and beyond the call of duty when my sister became ill and dehydrated later into the holiday.



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