Marbella, June 2015

After 2 years of working hard on our A Levels, my 9 closest school friends and I pack up and left for Marbella for a week. One of my friends’ parents have an apartment in Marbella that they kindly let us borrow so the trip worked out really cheap for us and it meant that Chloe had been there before so she had a bit more of a clue than the rest of us.

The apartment was in San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella. It was such a great location with a nice beach and town so close and the main shopping/city area a short taxi away.

The only slight downside was walking between the apartment and the supermarket with enough bottled water for 10 people…

I would really recommend going shopping at the market in the centre because a few of us went there on our last day to spend the last of our euros and there are some beautiful pieces of jewellery there and other handmade bits.

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Dinner at a lovely Italian – Da BrunoThis was one of our nice restaurant evenings where we all dressed up and went out for a pizza and some wine.

We went to this restaurant called C’est La Vie about three times throughout the week. Its a healthy cafe/restaurant with global cuisine and modern decor. We usually sat outside and had a nice long table where we tucked into sandwiches, stir fry, pancakes, anything really.

Our nearest beach
Exploring the town with my friend Mehak for the day


We tried out a a few of the clubs in town which were a bit hit and miss. Some empty, some too packed especially given the heat. Our nights at Tibu and Aquamist were the most memorable. There are a lot of nice bars what have large dancefloors that could pass as clubs. I probably wouldn’t recommend Marbella if you want to go for a serious lads holiday after exams because a lot of the clubs require smart dress and many are for 21s. For a mixed holiday with beach, town and nightlife, its perfect.


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