Weekend in Gloucestershire, August 2016

As it was the bank holiday and Alex and I had Monday off work, I decided to take the train to Gloucestershire. I went to the station straight from the office that I am interning at and hopped on my train. Once I got there it was pretty late so we just drove home, cooked dinner and relaxed.

The next day we went to the Witcombe Cider Festival, the UK’s largest cider festival. Alex and I got the tickets a while ago and I would really recommend doing that, because the ticket prices go up quite a lot.


The weather wasn’t amazing, but there were plenty of large tents where the bars were set up so we didn’t really get wet. They had some music acts performing, a couple were pretyy good, but people are really there for the cider, not the music. By my count, they had 38 different ciders, so between us Alex and I tried 6 of those. You purchase tokens and then swap the tokens initially for a cup and then the ciders – either a half or full pint. I got the half pint because then I could try more. Each half pint was £2 and each pint £4, which we were quite happy to pay.


I tried: Brothers Strawberry & Kiwi (4.0%), Mates Cider Eider Elderflower (5.2%) and Abrahams Lilly the Pink (4.5%). Out of those I think my favourite was the Brothers cider. I have had better Elderflower than this one, but it was still pretty good.


They had some funfair rides as well which were a laugh. All in all it was a great afternoon and I would consider going again next year.

Views from our bike cycle from Brimpsfield to Cirencester

We also had a BBQ for Alex’s birthday, inviting some of his friends over, and enjoying the relaxed summery atmosphere.


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