Stratford Upon Avon, August 2016

After our weekend in Gloucestershire, Alex and I took a quick road trip to Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire. I have great memories of Stratford Upon Avon from my childhood. I went with my mum, dad and sister when I was about 10 years old and I still haven’t forgotten it. When I suggested it to Alex he was totally up for it as it’s not too far from his house in Gloucestershire.

First of all we strolled around the streets looking at all the Tudor style houses with gorgeous beams.

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We then had a game of minigolf at Stratford Mini Golf, by crossing over the river on the chain bridge. It was only £3.50 each for 18 holes and the staff were really friendly and helpful. Alex and I had used all our cash on car parking so we only had cards and the man let us play and promise o come back later with the cash, which was very trusting and kind of surprising for today’s society. Alex won the game, but I’m sure I’ll be asking for a rematch next time we come across a course.


We then went to have lunch. Although they had some of our favourite chains, we decided to find a local place. We came across a place called No.37 Cafe (37 Sheep Street), on the road parallel to the High Street. It was WONDERFUL, and I would really recommend it to anyone visiting Stratford-upon-Avon. They had a courtyard where we sat outside and it was nice a peaceful. Alex had a ciabatta with mozzarella, tomato and pesto and I had a ciabatta with sweet chilli, chicken and mixed leaves. We were really impressed with everything – decent prices, large variety and they tasted wonderful.


We then went to the Butterfly Farm, the largest one in the UK. I remembered this from last time I had been all those years ago. I had planned on returning to the Teddybear Museum, but when I looked it up online I had found that it has moved to London.

The butterflies were amazing, and we both left content that the butterflies had landed on us. Tickets were £6.75 each for students, so remember to ask for the concession.



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