The Enchanted Garden Ball

Sorry in advance for lower quality photos than usual, but you know what its like when its late at night and everyone is relying on iphones to do the job.


My exams finished on the 24th of May so I had a few days to start my packing, relax after all the revision and visit the beaches around Exeter (Exmouth and Dawlish) before the Enchanted Garden Ball (EGB). Its run by an outside company (The Enchanted Group) so its not run by the University but all the attendees were students. A lot of my friends, flatmates and coursemates ended up going to the ball even though the tickets sold out really quickly. I managed the get the second batch of tickets which meant they were cheaper than those who bought them later on. As well as the ticket, we purchased a Β£5 coach ticket to take us to and from the location (Shobrook Park, Crediton) from the University central campus.

With a couple of my flatmates and some other Uni girls


Once at the ball we went on a fun fair ride, went into a photo booth and got some drinks. It was all in all quite expensive for what it was, but everyone was just so happy to be finished with exams that an excuse to dress up was taken. There wasn’t any food included with the ticket but I bought a pulled chicken Vietnamese style burger there which was really good.

With my flatmate Kate

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