Exmouth Beach, May 2016

This was the first time I’ve done a proper cycle on a road bike. I had tried one out in Gloucestershire, but it was more just to get a feel of road bikes, just going around the block a couple of times. This was 10 miles each way, so a 20 mile cycle. I was quite impressed with myself that I had managed to do it.

We cycled along the Exe Estuary trail, and because it is so well signed it was a pretty simple route to the beach.

Once we got there we got an ice cream each, which was one of the best ice creams I’ve had outside of Italy. They had a lot of flavours to choose from and luckily for me (because I don’t like wafers) they served them in little pots.


We then met up with my friend and some of her flatmates on the beach and played a bit of football. They were doing a BBQ on the beach but it was taking a very long time to get started and I had to be back in Exeter by early evening to get ready and get to the BodySoc Summer Ball.


So we left our friends and went to a little fish and chips cafe that was really nice. I did learn one important lesson that day … never cycle in summer without suncream. Because of how my arms were positioned holding onto the handlebars, I had really really red arms. I had not been that badly sunburnt in a long time, and whilst my flatmate’s aloe vera helped take away the pain, I still felt my arms glowing all throughout the ball.


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