Milan (Day 2)

We got up and headed for the Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral). I would suggest getting there for 10am, we were a bit later than this and so we had to queue for 20 or so minutes, but if you can get there earlier you wouldn’t have to wait. Cathedral is the Italian word for Cathedral. The Duomo is certainly the most iconic feature of the city, and you can certainly find the most tourists and buzz in the square around the Duomo.

TOP TOP – You have to buy a €2 poncho to cover shoulders and legs above the knee, so if you can pop a cardigan in you bag or briefly change into jeans or a longer skirt. It is not warm inside the Duomo so you won’t boil.

There are different options for the cathedral – either the €2 option for inside or €15 for the top terrace. I would have loved to have gone up the top but my friends were not keen so we only went inside. Although I was disappointed, its a great excuse to return to Milan!! The €2 ticket also included entrance to the Milano Museum, but it was actually closed the day we went so I cannot report on that.

It is not as white inside as the building is outside, but that blends in better with the benches and stain-glass windows.

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Entrance to the museum …. as far as we got

One of my first year flatmates from Exeter was born and still lived in Milan so was able to give me a list of lots of cafes, restaurants, clubs and bars that he would recommend. On that list was De Santis (9 Corso Magenta 20123 Milano). It was a little walk from where we were but it was well worth it and we certainly felt like locals finding this little panini place where everyone was Italian.

I had the Garibaldi panini and freshly squeezed orange juice (see below).




Having a wander around the streets of Milan …


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We then went to the Arco della Pace, a 19th Century arch north-west of Sforza Castle and Sempione Park, Milan’s answer to Hyde Park.The park is wonderfully kept and provides panoramic views of both the castle and arch.


Not a cloud in the sky


We headed back to the apartment to dump off some stuff and to change before heading out to Navigli to meet Mehak’s friend who is studying in Milan. Out of all the places I researched before coming to Milan I was most excited to come here because I love canals! It reminded me of Nyhavn in Copenhagen that I visited in June, a few months before (read Nyhavn blog post here).

We met Mehak’s friend at the metro station and walked on to Pizzeria i Capatosta. It is a pretty unassuming place from the outside, but similar to my experience of Rome, the less extravagant looking places usually have great tasting food. I had a glass of wine and a Marinara Pizza with courgettes and olives.

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Navigli was just as beautiful as I had imagined with restaurants all along the canal. We then went back to the flat for a little pre-drinks before heading out to Old Fashion nightclub.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 14.26.28.png
Day 2 on the map

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