Day in Oxford, April 2016

I had never been to Oxford before but seeing as I was visiting Alex in Gloucestershire it was a good opportunity to go for the day. We took the park and ride and it took hardly any time at all. The weather was disgusting – driving rain and bitterly cold winds, but we tried to make the most of it nonetheless.

This is as far into the University as we could get without the security escorting us out… I felt pretty envious of my friends and school friends studying here at this point

To avoid the rain we went into a couple of museums. To be perfectly honest the Ashmolean  Museum was not really my scene. I prefer to see ancient artefacts in a natural setting or their country of origin so it was a little weird to see pieces of clothing, musical instruments, weapons and more from all over the world in glass boxes in a museum in Oxford. However, it was warm, dry, free and there was plenty to look at so I can’t complain too much.

Next we went to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, which was great. It’s in a lovely building in a beautiful part of the city and I love biology and the natural sciences so this was right up my alley. Living just over 20 miles from London (40 minutes on the train), I had been to the London Natural History Museum countless times so this one didn’t quite live up to the larger London equivalent. I would recommend the London one over the Oxford one because there is more on display and there is the butterfly greenhouse and other exhibitions, but overall it is one of the best museums I have been to.


The best bit of the trip was going to Blackwell’s. I had never seen so many books in my life and as a complete bookworm I was in heaven. We spent a couple of hours browsing and writing down the names of books we like the look of before heading to lunch at the Cafe Nero in the bookstore.



We also went to the covered markets for a browse and to have Ben’s Cookies – Alex thought these were unique to Oxford but since our trip we have seen them all over the place.


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