CLES Blogging

Hi everyone! I am taking my blog in a slightly different direction for the next year as an opportunity has come up to blog about my university experience as well as travel and my other interests.

My name is Natalie and I am going into my third and final year as a BSc Geography student. I am one of a few CLES students, blogging for the University on any topic, related to my experiences within the college or in Exeter in general. My motivation for getting involved in this project is mainly that I think I have a lot of insight to share and I hope my readers will also give me advice and share their experiences and tips for the final (and supposedly hardest) year.

So a bit about me…

  • Degree programme: BSc Geography
  • A Levels: History, Geography and Biology
  • Born: Epsom, Surrey
  • Freshers hall: Birks Grange
  • Favourite Exeter module (so far): BIO1336 Ecology
  • Most interesting lecturer: Dr Lina Mercado
  • Post-graduate plans: Masters degree in either Sweden or the Netherlands
  • Societies: Geogsoc, Enactus, Tennis, Badminton
  • Highlight of my degree: Field trip to Rio
  • Dissertation: The greener revolution? Using Seaweed Extract to mitigate against future predicted drought in England

I have a few posts in mind, on my field trip, campus and city recommendations, careers advice, advice for Freshers as well as second years! I will also be giving some insight into the internships I have completed in both years. I will also be blogging about about travel, as my degree choice was in part a result of my curiosity and love of the planet, which was directly derived from my travels. I have had the privilege of visiting 22 countries (so far) and many of these recent trips have been on a student budget so I can share some hints and recommendations so you can do that same! I am willing to take any suggestions or post recommendations and if you do not feel comfortable leaving a comment, feel free to send me an email at


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