National Rail

A great place to buy your train tickets to and from Exeter. I use this to book my tickets for the beginning/end of terms and because I do this very far in advance with a 16-25 railcard I have been able to get some great deals. I also have used this when travelling to visit friends at other universities and to explore Bath, especially when the Christmas Markets are on.

It may be a little confusing at first with the 2 stations in Exeter (Exeter St Davids and Exeter Central), but you will soon see why. Exeter St Davids is the main station and is definitely where you would travel to/from in your Freshers year if you live in Point Exe, Birks, Duryard, St Davids, Holland Hall and the other halls that side of Campus. This is also the station closest to campus so if you are going somewhere on a friday after a lecture, it is a about a 15 minute walk.

However, when you live in town in 2nd and 3rd year (what the majority of people do), Exeter Central will be the station you will use most of the time.