Dawlish Beach

Seeing how much I enjoyed the ride to Exmouth, Alex decided to take me on another ride. Alex is on the University Triathlon team and he’s a cracking cyclist so I was in good hands. The ride was the same as Exmouth to begin with, going down the Exe estuary but then it branched off and we cycled through a couple of really cute villages, spotting some good pubs to check out along the way.


I wasn’t as keen on Dawlish as Exmouth because its all stony and a bit run down, but there are some small cafes and shops so it is worth a visit

Alex and I went to A Piece of Cake for a well earned coffee and sticky. It was getting pretty late so we thought we would cut the journey back a bit short by going on the train for half of it. However, the train was so slow and kept stopping even before stops so we got off after a stop and stuck to the original plan of cycling back to uni.

The Enchanted Garden Ball

Sorry in advance for lower quality photos than usual, but you know what its like when its late at night and everyone is relying on iphones to do the job.


My exams finished on the 24th of May so I had a few days to start my packing, relax after all the revision and visit the beaches around Exeter (Exmouth and Dawlish) before the Enchanted Garden Ball (EGB). Its run by an outside company (The Enchanted Group) so its not run by the University but all the attendees were students. A lot of my friends, flatmates and coursemates ended up going to the ball even though the tickets sold out really quickly. I managed the get the second batch of tickets which meant they were cheaper than those who bought them later on. As well as the ticket, we purchased a Β£5 coach ticket to take us to and from the location (Shobrook Park, Crediton) from the University central campus.

With a couple of my flatmates and some other Uni girls


Once at the ball we went on a fun fair ride, went into a photo booth and got some drinks. It was all in all quite expensive for what it was, but everyone was just so happy to be finished with exams that an excuse to dress up was taken. There wasn’t any food included with the ticket but I bought a pulled chicken Vietnamese style burger there which was really good.

With my flatmate Kate

Bath Day trip

March had not been a great month for me so far. At the beginning of the month I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed and whilst I was recovering I caught an infection and landed myself back in hospital. I hadn’t reacted very well to the general anesthetic and I even had to miss a few lectures at University. Alex had just recovered from Tonsillitis, so not a great time for two usually fit people.


So we booked a train to Bath, which isn’t far from us at The University of Exeter, for a day to escape reality and responsibilities. We felt very relaxed and recovered after the trip and Bath always has a special place in our hearts because it’sΒ the first place we went together back in November 2015. I forgot my 16-25 railcard, and a very grumpy train guard did not let me off so I was fined (I think Β£20). I brushed it off as we had saved quite a bit through booking the tickets in advance and I was not going to let that ruin our day!


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First of all we had a wander around all the streets, taking pictures, listening to the water, wandering through the park.

We were getting a little cold so we headed on a hunt for a cafe. Quite a few of the cafes we passed were full and seeing as we didn’t want to go to a chain that we could find anywhere we kept hunting and came across The Bridge Coffee Shop,Β its a pretty small and quaint place but we couldn’t complain and loved the stickies in particular.


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My favourite part of the day was sitting in the square listening to musicians play.


I went into the Bath Aqua Glass store and bought a birthday present for my Nana quite a few months early. They have some great, unique pieces in there including jewellery, vases and christmas tree decorations. Worth a browse if you are in Bath.

It turned into a really nice day and so we sat outside before our train at a restaurant/cafe called Aio for a juice and lemonade. Our train was just before dinner so we couldn’t stay to eat but I would consider it next time because it looked great.


Second time to Bath, and it did not disappoint again. Will definitely be back especially with it being so close to my uni home.